Sails has grand goals. It's a smartly built and underappreciated framework that pulls together some of the best utilities available to the node.js community and »


To swap, or not to swap still seems to be a common question. Modern computers often provide massive amounts of memory, which is great because memory »

smarter gulp restart

I wanted to make a gulpfile to restart a server when files changed. It seemed easy enough at first: var gulp = require('gulp') var child = require( »

RS-232 Spy

This is a brief post to describe how to spy on rs232 traffic for the purpose of investigating protocol between two devices that don't provide an »

Calculating ifInOctets

SNMP is a great utility for systems monitoring. Some systems support SNMP better than others. I was working on an gateway product and ran into the »

What's wrong with Gnome

Gnome3 has been a struggle. Unity has been a struggle. I've been a steadfast ubuntu/gnome user through the process. To make the desktop workable for »