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I've wandered many paths in technology. I never wanted to be a professional programmer because I perceived the focus to always be on quantity > quality. Aside: recently, my brother shared an excellent article with me that illustrates some of the aspects of professional programming that I fear; programming sucks is well worth reading. And yet, on all the paths I've wandered, programming has always been a constant. It's just something I enjoy. I like tinkering with systems, poking at them, and making them do things.

My programming hobby started in GW BASIC where I had to write programs on paper first because line numbers mattered. I've been programming 20+ years now. In that time I've studied many languages including C, C++, perl, ruby, golang, and javascript. As an enthusiast developer I've enjoyed the luxury of picking languages at whim and on merit of syntax/function/community.

Over the last year, I've moved all my development efforts into Node.JS because I primarily write web applications. Before node, I developed on the server in ruby and I enjoy using MongoDB for storage, which meant I essentially had a little ruby sandwitch between two slices of javascript -- one in the UI and one in the storage. I really like the syntax of ruby; it is the language designed to make programmers happy, and is truly my favorite language. And the structure! Everything is an object! For real! (unlike the functional paradigm behind javascript). But I became frustrated with how most ruby users were strictly rails developers, so as a straight ruby user I didn't feel like a part of the developer community. And because ruby can feel syncatically similar to javascript, I would frequently get my syntax muddled as I shifted between working in the front-end and back. Those frustrations are what got me started with node.

That's what this is all about -- Node.JS. Javascript. Markdown. That's what this blog is. It's simple. It's efficient. It's elegant. And it's based on things I'm excited about. It's called ghost; check it out.

New blog
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