hostname --fqdn

Recently I setup logcheck, but found it was sending email reports purporting to be from localhost, which is absolutely useless for anyone trying to manage multiple servers (aren't we all)!

Digging into the cause, I found logcheck gets the local hostname by using either hostname --short or hostname --fqdn, depending on the value of FQDN found in /etc/logcheck/logcheck.conf. Since my config had FQDN=1, I was able to replicate the trouble I was experiencing with logcheck reports by running the hostname --fqdn command.

Long story short, my /etc/hosts was to blame. I had picked up a bad habit. Maybe I picked it up from old windows hosts files which list each entry on a separate line. Reading TFM for /etc/hosts, I found the following:

This file is a simple text file that associates IP addresses with
hostnames, **one line per IP address**.  For each host a single
line should be present with the following information:

IP_address canonical_hostname [aliases...]

My file had improperly been setup with:  localhost  another.alias

Which is wrong in two ways.

  1. The canonical hostname is out of place.
  2. There must only be one line for each IP.

Here's a corrected example: localhost another.alias

By fixing that, I no longer get localhost when I run hostname --fqdn and now get the desired fully qualified domain name of

hostname --fqdn
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